Whisper Variables Rule the Universe

Some of you protested when I said there were six random things in the universe. You said they weren’t random because they are determined by yet-to-be-discovered variables. And you’re exactly right. I’m going to explain to you what those variables are and why most scientists don’t believe in them. 

Einstein said that God doesn’t play dice. He thought, like some of you, that nothing is random. All outcomes can be explained by previous states. With the right mathematical formula and the values of all the variables, you can predict anything and everything. 

That’s why it was a shock to Einstein, just like it is to some of you, that you can’t predict everything. You don’t like the uncertainty of it. Common sense doesn’t like the idea that a cat is both dead and alive at the same time. You like the coin to be either heads or tails, not both. 

But certain things appear to scientists to be random. The classic example is that of radioactive decay. The half-life of tritium, a radioactive hydrogen isotope, is known. However, any individual tritium atom will decay at a random time. But, you believe that if you knew the value of a hidden variable, you could predict the time of the decay, too. 

And now you can. Two hidden variables were discovered. By me! I call them whisper variables. The whisper-when and whisper-where variables cause changes in the minuscule quantum world, but their impact is enormous. They control the future of the universe. 

The whisper-when variable affects the timing of five events. When energy is emitted from the decay of; 1) a radioactive atom, 2) molecular rotation, 3) molecular vibration, 4) electronic energy, and 5) translational energy. 

It’s very similar to a timer. The whisper-when variable tells atoms in high energy states when to transition to lower ones. When the timer runs to a set value, the transition occurs, and a pulse of energy radiates. 

The whisper-where variable is part of a formula that dictates which molecule will absorb the photon. As a spherical pulse of energy moves through space, it eventually runs into a molecule that absorbs it. The photon excites the molecule to a higher energy state. And once the molecule is there, a new whisper-when value is set, and its timer starts. 

So what determines the values of the whisper-when and whisper-where variables? The answer isn’t what, it’s who. All whisper variables are set by God. His will has determined the value of every whisper variable in the universe since He put it in motion. 

I know this makes many of you nauseous. It seems any place science doesn’t have an answer, somebody has to throw God into it. But if the whisper variables don’t exist, what variable do you put in its place? One option is to say the variable is based on previous physical states. Thus, you believe the future is determined and free-will is an illusion. 

Or, you believe that there is no variable and the events are truly random. Then you have no free will because you are controlled by the random chemistry of your brain. 

Its either God, determinism, or probabilistic chaos. I choose God. 

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