Construct 2.0

   There's an exciting new version of our current universe coming soon, and it's called Construct 2.0. The release date for this big upgrade is different for each person. You might get it today, or it could be a year from now, or even 75 years in the future - but it's going to happen for everyone, no doubt about it. 

Instead of just waiting around for it to arrive, you should take a look at some of the amazing new features it's going to have. This upgrade is going to be so fantastic that it's going to leave you absolutely speechless! Just imagine being able to do things that are impossible in your current 1.0 universe. The possibilities are mind-blowing. 

We don't know all the details yet, but based on what we've seen, Construct 2.0 is going to be a total game-changer. Your whole experience of existence is going to be transformed in ways you can barely even picture right now. So keep your eyes peeled, because that 2.0 update could be arriving sooner than you think! It's going to be an incredible ride. 

The universe you currently live in is Construct 1.0, and it's made up of an incredibly large number of tiny informational energy bits. These bits can be divided into two main types - ubits and ebits. 

The ubits are the bits that make up your physical body, and your consciousness is deeply embedded within them. Ebits are all the environmental bits that exist outside of your body and interact with your ubits. 

You can think of these bits like data packets or computer bits, because they each hold specific information about their particular part of the universe. However, the universe isn't a giant cosmic computer - it's better to see it as a complex network of interconnected informational energy flows. 

Understanding the universe in terms of these ubits and ebits can help you better grasp some of the exciting upgrades that are coming in Construct 2.0, your next stage of existence. For example, in 2.0 your ubits will have the ability to freely pass through ebits, unlike now where your hand can't simply go through a solid wall. 

This new capability was demonstrated by Jesus after his resurrection, when he was able to appear to his disciples behind locked doors after passing through a wall. It suggests that your physical 2.0 body will operate very differently, allowing you to move through space in ways that defy current normal physical limitations. 

Another intriguing possibility is that you may be able to choose the appearance of your 2.0 avatar. Jesus was sometimes recognizable to his disciples and other times not. If that's the case, maybe you could adopt any physical form you desire - you'll finally get to have that tall, fit body you've always wanted! 

And just as resurrected Jesus was able to eat with his companions, you’ll probably consume food, too. And in 2.0 you’ll eat without having to worry about weight gain. The constraints of the current universe could melt away, allowing you to indulge your senses in exciting new ways. 

The possibilities for other 2.0 upgrades are mind-boggling too. Maybe you'll be able to breathe underwater, or venture out into space without a spacesuit. Perhaps you'll have the ability to travel at the speed of thought, instantly zipping between galaxies for a cup of coffee with Jesus. 

Whatever the specifics turn out to be, it's clear that Construct 2.0 is going to be an unimaginably wonderful existence, far beyond the tough realities of this life. You won't be stuck singing in some eternal heavenly choir - your eternity will be an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. 

Of course, some preachers might try to tell you that if you attend church every week, volunteer, and donate money, God will bless you with wealth and health in the current Construct 1.0. But the Bible is clear that this life is difficult, and you should keep your focus on the amazing upgrade to 2.0 that's on the horizon. 

Do your best to help others during your time in 1.0, but don't get caught up in pursuing comfort and prosperity here. Instead, keep your heart and mind fixed on the incredible future that awaits you in 2.0, where the rules of this universe will be rewritten in ways you can scarcely imagine. 

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