God Lives in Detroit

Some people believe that Genesis is literal history. When it says God made the universe in six days, it strictly means six, 24-hour days. But, if you believe that, you must also believe God is physical. Why? Because it also says that He walked, talked, and breathed regarding Adam and Eve in the garden. He had to have a body or physical presence to do those things. 

For example, in Gen 2:7 it says, “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.”  

Since breathing is physical, and God breathed, He’s physical. Thus, He has to live some place. Maybe it’s in Detroit or even on Mars. But, you think that is ridiculous because He’s spiritual and Genesis isn’t literal. When it talks about His breath, it means something else. And, I agree. I don’t think He lives in Detroit or His breath was of the natural world. 

So if it wasn’t physical, what was it? What did He breathe into Adam? Most people interpret Genesis as God giving life to Adam. One minute he was a pile of dirt and the next Adam was  a living human. And by living, you think highly organized parts, moving, adapting, etc. Living in terms of what horses, frogs, and whales are.  

But I don’t agree with that understanding of Genesis either. I don’t believe God gave Adam physical life, but spiritual life. He gave Adam consciousness, self-awareness, or a soul. Before, Adam was a homo sapiens and after he was a person. That is what it means to be made in God’s image. You are a person with a conscious, spiritual component.  

In the Bible, creation is depicted as originating from nothing through the Hebrew term "ba'ra”. However, reporting Adam’s creation, the word “yi’ser” is used. It has the connotation of modifying something that already exists. For example, you would use “yi’ser” when an artist adds paint to a canvas creating a picture. Likewise, the Bible uses the word when God attached a spiritual component to Adam’s body, making him a human (physical) being (spiritual).  

This is why science has such a hard time with you as a whole. It provides a lot of facts about your ba’ra-created body. Scientists measure your temperature, image your brain, treat your diabetes, etc., but they can’t help the yi’ser, or spiritual, side of you. Since science only deals with the physical realm, it really only gets half the picture.  

Add to your personal care, the pursuit of God. Try to know and appreciate Him. The more you ponder your adoption into His family, the more you are filled with humility, thanks, and joy. This is medicine to treat your whole body and being.  

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